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Hey there! You’ve landed on our digital doorstep at: Welcome!

Chit-Chat in the Comments

So, when you drop a comment on our site (which we totally love, by the way), we gather the info you’ve put in the comment form. Plus, to keep those pesky spammers at bay, we also take a peek at your IP address and the browser you’re using.

Ever heard of Gravatar? If you’re using it, we might get an anonymized string from your email (they call it a hash). Want to know more about how Gravatar handles your info? Check out their privacy policy here: Once we give your comment the thumbs up, everyone can see your profile picture alongside it.

All About the Snaps

If you’re thinking of uploading images here, just a heads up: try not to include any location data in them. We wouldn’t want anyone downloading your beach selfies and figuring out your secret spots!

Cookie Monster’s Favourite Section: Cookies!

Leave a comment and you’ll get the option to save your name, email, and website in cookies. Why? Purely for convenience! It’s a bit like leaving your shoes by the door so you can slip them on quickly next time. These cookies stick around for a year.

Pop by our login page and we’ll set a quick cookie to see if your browser is on board with it. It’s a fleeting thing and waves goodbye when you close your browser.

Logging in? We’ve got a few cookies ready for that. They remember your login details and how you like things displayed. If you tick “Remember Me”, we’ll remember you for two weeks (like that catchy song you can’t get out of your head). Log out, and those cookies vanish!

If you’re feeling creative and edit or publish an article, we’ll save an extra cookie. It’s a simple one, just noting the post ID of your masterpiece. It’s out in a day.

Content from Other Cool Places

Sometimes, we might embed content from other sites – think videos, images, articles. It’s like they’ve set up a mini stall on our site. So, if you interact with this content, it’s as if you’ve visited their website directly.

These sites might gather some data about you, use their own cookies, or have third-party trackers. Especially if you’re logged into their site. Just something to keep in mind!

Sharing is Caring, But Who Do We Share Your Data With?

Forgot your password? No worries! If you ask for a reset, we’ll include your IP address in the reset email. Just a heads up!

Holding Onto Your Words

Drop a comment and we’ll keep it and its metadata. Why? So we can spot and approve any more of your awesome comments without waiting.

If you register here (and you totally should), we store the info you give in your profile. You can check it out, tweak it, or delete it anytime. Just remember, usernames are forever! And yes, our website admins can also see and edit your info.

Your Data, Your Rules

Got an account here or left some comments? You can ask for an exported file of your data with us. Or, if you’re feeling like a clean slate, request that we erase your data. Just note, there’s some stuff we need to keep for those boring admin, legal, or security reasons.

Where’s Your Data Off To?

Your comments might take a little trip through an automated spam detection service. It’s like a quick pit stop to ensure everything’s legit!

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